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A new teacher from Vegas

a school with a student from JapanThere’s a new teacher from Vegas in a school with a student from Japan

Teacher: “what is the opposite of laughing?”
Student: “Making Love”
Teacher: “What?? why is that?”
Student: “Laughing is ha..ha…ha…, but making love is ah..aaah…aaaaaah….”

Curiously, the teacher ask another question: “What is the opposite of crying?”
The same student:”making love madam”
Teacher: “Again??? Now will you explain why you keep answering with “that” again??”
Student: “Crying is hu..hu..hu…, but making love is uh..uuuh..uuuuh..”.

Anxiously, the teacher ask another quetion: “what is the opposite of santa claus?”
The same student: “making love madam…”
Teacher: “what a bloody nasty kid… now tell me what your reason is??”
Student: “when santa came up, he always say ho..ho..ho.., but making love is oh..oooh..ooooh. (Andre W-A68)

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