Digital Photography for Teens.

We didn’t come up with that title. We’re not saying it’s a bad one—we’d be the last ones to ask. When a publisher decides what to call a book, you can be sure that they know exactly what they’re doing. And the title does say what this book is about—no questions there. A Teen Guide to Insects or Look! It’s Teens! wouldn’t quite cover it from our point of view. I doubt my suggestion of Avocados and Mangos would have gotten past Dave, much less the publisher. It’s the “for teens” part that’s throwing me off. When I was a teen (not too terribly long ago), I was always suspicious of that particular qualifier. I was big into comic books in those days, and every now and then, the comics publishers would come out with a new line of titles “just for kids,” or so it said on the covers. I stayed away from those books like I would a radiation leak. None of that kids’ stuff for me, if you please! I required a more sophisticated, more literary comic, something along the lines of an Amazing Spider-Man, with people in costumes clobbering each other. I always hated being seated at the kids’ table, too. What, a guy doesn’t shave, and he’s a second-class citizen?
I had my rights and I knew it, but nobody would listen. And it’s not like digital photography for teens is any different than digital photography for adults or digital photography for preschoolers or digital photography for senior citizens. The principles of photography don’t suddenly change when you turn 18 or 21. For better or for worse, the photography in this book is the same photography that the parents use. So in light of all that, we like to think of this book as Digital Photography (for Teens), no matter what it happens to say on the cover. None of those smug “just for kids” labels here! This book is for photographers of all levels of experience who just happen to be in their teenage years. We focus on the things that you, as a teen, most likely want to get out of digital photography, but this isn’t the kiddie table, and it isn’t patty-cake time. Photography is a technical field, and it links up with other technical fields. By Chapter 3, you’ll be well into apertures and shutter speeds. By Chapter 8, you’ll be talking resolution and resampling. As you go, you’ll make a casual acquaintance with optics, psychology, color theory, and aesthetics, among other subjects rare and strange. At the same time, you don’t need a lab coat or a diploma to get on with being a photographer, and we don’t dump a lot of confusing jargon on you for no other reason than to make us look smart. This book isn’t difficult, although it might be harder than you were expecting and it does get technical. But, it’s nothing that you can’t handle. If you come across a concept that doesn’t seem to make sense, you might want to have a look back at the previous chapters. The chances are good that we snuck it in when you were busy looking at something else. The main goal of this book is to help you have fun. We don’t pretend to cover
everything about digital photography, but we do stand by this promise to you: You will take better pictures after reading this book. You’ll understand that photography is more than just pressing the shutter release, and you’ll get more enjoyment than you ever thought possible from something that smells so much like science. Even better, you’ll be ready for more advanced material, should this book awaken something photographic in you. Some books are better to read by skipping around, but this one progresses from chapter to chapter, following the process of digital photography: setting up the shot, taking the picture, transferring it to the computer, editing it, and getting it ready for the screen or print. Your best bet is to start in Chapter 1 and work your way through to Chapter 12. Each successive chapter builds on the topics of the previous ones, so if you begin your journey in Chapter 7 or 8, you might feel a
bit like you’ve landed in trigonometry class without your scientific calculator.
Number of pages : 305
File size : 13 Mb
Language ; English
Download Link : EasyShare

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