A Short Course in Canon EOS Digital Rebel Photography

A great photograph begins when you recognize a great scene orsubject. But recognizing a great opportunity isn’t enough to captureit; you also have to be prepared. A large part of being preparedinvolves understanding your camera well enough to capture what you see.Getting you prepared to see and capture great photographs is what this bookis all about. It doesn’t matter if you are taking pictures for business or plea-sure, there’s a lot here to help you get better results and more satisfactionfrom your photography.
To get better, and possibly even great photographs, you need to understandboth concepts and procedures; the “whys” and “hows” of photography.
¦ Concepts of photography are the underlying principles that apply regard-less of the camera you are using. They include such things as how sharpnessand exposure affect your images and the way they are perceived by viewers.Understanding concepts answers the “why” kinds of questions you mighthave about photography.
¦ Procedures are those things specific to one kind of camera, and explainstep-by-step how you set your camera’s controls to capture an image just theway you want. Understanding procedures gives you the answers to the“how” kinds of questions you might have.
This book is organized around the concepts of digital photography becausethat’s how photographers think. We think about scenes and subjects, high-lights and shadows, softness and sharpness, color and tone. The proceduresyou use with the Canon EOS Digital Rebel, called the EOS 300D in somecountries, are integrated throughout the concepts, appearing in those placeswhere they apply. This integrated approach lets you first understand theconcepts of photography and then see step by step how to use the DigitalRebel in all kinds of photographic situations.

To get more effective, interesting, and creative photographs, you only need tounderstand how and when to use a few simple features on your camera suchas focus, exposure controls, and flash. If you’ve previously avoided under-standing these features and the profound impact they can have on yourimages, you’ll be pleased to know that you can learn them on a weekend. Youcan then spend the rest of your life marveling at how the infinite variety ofcombinations they provide make it possible to convey your own personalview of the world. You’ll be ready to keep everything in a scene sharp formaximum detail or to blur some or all of it for an impressionistic portrayal.You’ll be able to get dramatic close-ups, freeze fast action, create wonderfulpanoramas, and capture the beauty and wonder of rainbows, sunsets,fireworks, and nighttime scenes.
As you explore your camera, be sure to have fun. There are no “rules” or“best” way to make a picture. Great photographs come from using what youknow to experiment and try new approaches. Digital cameras make thisespecially easy because there are no film costs or delays. Every experiment isfree and you see the results immediately so you can learn step by step.
This book is about getting great pictures, not about installing batteries andconnecting your camera to your computer and using your software. Thatinformation is well presented in the user guide that came with your camera.Be sure to visit our Web site at www.shortcourses.com for even more digitalphotography information.

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